What is Cowerk?

Cowerk is a collective: a collection of spatial designers who complement each other perfectly. Cowerk goes its own way, always remaining true to itself – which is reflected in their challenging products; what you see is what you get. They manufacture all of their products with the workplace in mind, and the workplace, of course, is what you make of it. The products form a family, a complete collection.

The Range


Beatnik lets you enjoy your favourite music with top quality sound, while you relax and sit in this ergonomically designed ‘sound’ armchair. Beatnik easily connects your laptop, tablet or mobile phone mp3 player to the sound station by means of Bluetooth or Apple’s AirPlay technology.

Beatnik is suitable for use in both public and private spaces, and enables you to fully enjoy the extraordinary sound wherever you are.

These are available in a number of great colour options for you to choose from which will brighten up any dark corners.


Crate was originally a temporary city furniture design, made for festivals in Rotterdam, but it has evolved into a fully-fledged product range. The pieces configure to provide many different ways of sitting and standing. Crate has 5 models, all with different characteristics and dimensions.


The Gspot is an armchair for limited space. It includes a useful place for a block note or laptop, and both the seat and back can be adapted to your particular needs.


Hock is a private workplace in the open space. Hock is available in a 1, 2 or 4-person version. The longitudinal side of the hull can be furnished on one or both sides with a print, cork or acoustically live reindeer moss.


Speak is a table program that can be used for all forms of work and communication, for example as a conference table or team table. Because of the many options available in size, frame and finish, the table is easy to adjust to the correct look or usage.

Speak Green

Speak Green is a spin-off of the Speak conference table programme. Large steel legs are combined with basic O frames and blades with cable valves. Speak Green adds work capabilities simply and effectively.


Spodik consists of two parts. A cork storage section and a wooden section with compartments for mobile phones or tablets. This wooden part has an integrated electrical connection and gives you the opportunity to recharge the mobile or tablet, as well as storage of the electrical cord.


Stackr is a modular and flexible caste system, consisting of many different components.


  • 4 heights: 200, 400, 800 & 1,200mm
  • 2 widths: 450 & 900mm
  • 2 depths: 450 & 680mm

The many elements, colours and materials available offer an enormous amount of freedom in giving form to your own choice of cabinets.

The cabinet has no “fixed feature”. The box is adjustable so you can also add elements at a later stage. You can build a cubicle, or another cabinet, or change it as the needs of your organisation changes. Or, simply move them around. We do not believe in having empty shelves or unnecessary architectural walls or permanent fittings.

Simply create your own cabinet with your own colours, and if you want something that doesn’t seem to exist yet… no problem!


TablePot consists of two parts; a heavy metal pot and a lightweight stiff top. This creates a stable construction so that the TablePot can serve as a special (work) place.The TablePot is usually delivered with 3 bags of grit (for extra weight in the pot), plastic inside pot and water indicator.

Any specific colours on request.

Both pot and top are totally spray painted in 4 different colours, in 2 kinds of lacquer (for inside or outside use)

  • Ral 9010 – White
  • Ral 9011 – Black
  • Ral 7032 – Pebble Grey
  • Ral 7002 – Olive Green